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Why 'Make it Work'?

We didn't set out to be problem-solvers. We were drawn to weddings because of the joy and the opportunities to tell stories about countless families at a moment of celebrating love, promises, and each other. But we launched our careers in a place called New York City … a city devoted to and famous for hardship. If you can make it here…

Weddings are the art of the worst-case scenario. Every time you shoot you are creating work that will matter for decades, documenting events that cannot be repeated, that cannot be rescheduled for weather or easily moved to a different location last-minute. Also, you tend to be working with subjects with little on-camera experience or comfort, and absolutely punishing deadlines. Lastly, wedding photography is perhaps the only sort of photography where the 500th-best photo you took that day really matters.

It is a unique challenge to turn out a vast amount of good work, no matter the scenario, and it takes a number of unique skillsets. In more than 1,000 weddings in a place where weather, traffic, and baseline stress levels are all famously difficult, we have gained a number of useful skills along the way.

We've also learned that sometimes … ever so rarely … everything goes well. The wedding runs on schedule, the light is perfect, you have plenty of time, and everyone loves the camera. These are not the times that photographers say "Boy, I really wish I had some help right now."

It is the far-more-normal times that things are going wrong that we need new perspectives and tools. How to work in difficult or unappealing venues. How to deal with bad weather when there are no good indoor locations. How to make things work when hair and makeup and a missing groomsman has pushed things two hours off-schedule. And, most importantly, how to create a great set of work and strong, empathetic relationships that will leave your clients feeling great about your work.

We have been living and teaching all of these things for years, and now we are bringing this to an all-new, deeply focused workshop experience that can help photographers at all levels.


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