Do I need to be a wedding photographer?

Nope! We have had plenty of attendees who aren't. We are wedding photographers so some of the skills we teach are specific to weddings, but there will be helpful for working with people, as well as anyone who wants hands-on instruction in advanced photography and lighting techniques like the Brenizer method and Compositing Made Easy.

How many people will attend?

We like to keep our workshops nice and small so all students can have individual attention. The number fluctuates a bit as people procrastinate or angle to get in at the last minute, but we try our hardest for no more than 15.

What is the exact location?

We are finalizing options in the Western Brooklyn area to figure out the best exact location for our needs in the "sit down and learn" moments.

What equipment is required?

This is not a portfolio-building workshop*, since we want to take every moment to fill your brain with helpful tips, but we will have two great couples and you are welcome to bring your camera. More importantly, bring something to take notes on.

You don't have to be Nikon/Sony/Canon/anything. Some tips will be helpful if your camera at least has Live View -- which is pretty darned common these days,