Usually, I’m not too interested in photographer workshops. I get enough work to keep busy as a full time photographer in DC and know how to make a photo people will be happy with. 

So why would I feel the urge to attend Ryan Brenizer’s workshops when it’s not even held in the city I live in? Perspective. When you shoot wedding after wedding it can be easy to stagnate and lose your creative drive.

His workshops gave me a chance to sit back and explore new ways of shooting… using tools I already owned. He showed me how to maximize my gear in ways that are simple, but not intuitive.

He tilt-shifted my perspective and inspired me to raise the bar not only to keep things interesting for myself, but for my clients.

I really loved being there & seeing how Ryan works really helped me solidify the idea in my head that I’m on the right track but need to keep pushing forward at the same pace that I have been.

For me, workshops are an great way to stay ahead of the photography curve. In general workshops are a great way to network with other professionals who have similar challenges & gain insights beyond what one person can offer. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut & workshops are a way to kick yourself in the pants a bit to look at new ways of achieving your goals. Even picking up a few techniques can make a remarkable difference in the product you’re producing.

Ryan is one of only a few photographers from whom I’d take a workshop. Ryan has an insatiable lust for pushing himself creatively and that’s inspiring to see from someone who is so successful. I’m inspired by people who push boundaries, and explore and invent. It makes me want to push myself harder to see what I’m capable of. Ryan is specifically helpful because he shoots so much and that is something that I’m working towards as well. It’s especially important to stay fresh and inspired when shooting so much. That doesn’t happen by accident, it’s a goal you have to actively pursue. Ryan is an expert at teaching where to find inspiration and staying fresh when the natural state would be to coast toward boredom.

With Ryan there are no secrets. If you have a question, he’ll answer it. If there’s a technique you’re curious about, it’s your own fault if you go away not understanding it well enough to put it in to practice.

Putting one and two together you begin to realise that Ryan has some serious experience under his belt and is not only someone who understands light extremely well, but also is an incredibly talented cat herder. …True to his word Ryan continued to create set ups highlighting what to do in 'worst, bad or uninteresting' spaces. (For example the bathroom shower, a plain wall and a table lamp, harsh midday sun or a wide open grass feild). He also led us through how to make things less awkward, time limits and sudden problems that may arise. He got creative with lights and used a variety throughout the two days- but take note gear junkies, the rule is that he takes with with him only what he and his partner Tatiana can carry or wheel around.

Overall it was a great couple of days, Ryan and Tatiana are two of the nicest people I have met, and with a world of experience behind them I feel that they redefine what it is to be a wedding photographer. They are also both extremely passionate about what they do and I learnt an incredible amount in the short space of time we had. I would definitely recommend doing the next workshop that comes along.